Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tomorrow is a new day

It started as I woke up, thinking of things I thought I had forgot, things I didn't want to be reminded of, things that are better left in the darkest recess of my mind. I didn't need this today, I didn't need my mind to lose a battle of wills with itself before I even got out of bed. I didn't choose to be depressed today, the fog of depression chose to descend on me out of nowhere. That war I am fighting inside my own head, well today I lost a battle with it. I drifted through the day and tried to shift my focus onto something else, first of all a careers fair. I can do this right, I am good at talking business with just about anyone. Well I was there in body only it seems, I saw one stand that caught my eye when I looked beyond the attractive recruiters that had been sent to represent their companies. 

Mcdonald's for lunch would surely do the trick to cheer me up a bit, If only I was so lucky. I knew I should've bought that coat I like even at that ridiculous price. So I didn't buy the coat, probably just as well with how expensive my phone bill is this month. I came home and tried to distract myself by playing on GTA V. It worked, I started to feel better just in time to realise I had 3 psychometric tests that needed completing by the end of the day. Being quite an avid reader helped with the verbal reasoning test and I was on a high after finishing it. Next was logic, I felt I did ok, maybe about average. Last of all was numerical reasoning, well there is nothing like messing a test up to make you feel like utter crap. I got a 1st in my accounting module at uni, but I just cracked under pressure with this assessment! 

Now I am sat here preparing to do it all over again at a management assessment day  for work. Throw in a couple of group exercises, an individual exercise and an interview in front of a panel and that completes the rest of the day. But hey, tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I am going to have a good day.      

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