Sunday, 24 November 2013


Today has been a good day, well it was always going to be if I was in the pub before 12 right? My excuse for drinking that early was because I didn't go out last night even with the day off work today. (Yes I know, I am worried too!). Our plan was to feed ourselves and go and see the coca cola truck in town. So we wandered into town to check out the famous truck in the flesh and I must say I was a little disappointed in it. I made the comparison at the time to my friend, but it was like meeting somebody who is your hero in the pub and realising they are a bit of  dickhead.

After that initial disappointment, we decided on an impromptu trip to Manchester Christmas markets. I love the smell of all the food at the markets and the mulled wine. It just makes me feel all christmassy and want to buy all the food I smell. There was loads of cute little stalls selling everything from jewelry to sweets and chocolates. But the best find of the day had to be a cosy and beautiful pop up bar called Hibernate at Spinningfields by the outdoor ice rink. I would highly recommend the Duvel beer a taste while visiting at 8.5% it might be wise just to have the one pint though. Or if you prefer cocktails, they do a lovely hot chocolate one of those. Something to surely warm you up on a cold winters day. But don't take my word for it go and try it out yourself!

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