Thursday, 28 November 2013

Am I getting ill or am I just exhausted?

Today is the start of my 4 day weekend so naturally I have lots going on and plans to go out with friends and even a night away in Liverpool for a friends birthday. I have been looking forward to finishing time today all week, so when it came around I was so relieved. The first thing I did was to fall asleep still in my work stuff on my bed, I didn't even want a nap it just happened because I was so exhausted. I have had quite a busy day, well a busy week at work and it seems like it is all catching up with me. I have just woke up and still feel groggy and just mentally really tired, it is a struggle to even write my blog posts lately. I think the problem is that in my new role at work it is just more mentally challenging than stuff I have been used to there. It is nothing compared to writing some of my assignments at uni, but I always got to have a nap in the middle of the day then anyway.
 Now and again just little things about the previous day at work or what I have got to do tomorrow will creep into my thoughts and I won't be able to switch off properly. I suppose that is what happens when I take the transition from part time to full time and everyone gets that, right? One of my colleagues even tried to ring me while I was having a nap to ask a bit more about a customers order. I spoke to him just before I left this evening, but completely forget about an important detail. I am being overloaded with far too much information all in a short space of time, my memory seems to be failing me when it comes to really important things. 

I am hoping that a nice long relaxing bath and a good nights sleep will solve my problems and make me feel better. I haven't been ill for ages, it would be a cruel twist of fate if I am getting ill. 

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