Saturday, 16 November 2013

To go out or not to go out? That is the question

Officially half way through the month of National Blogging Month and I am still here, blogging away looking for things to write about. Admittedly I did join the party a little bit late but I am not far behind the number of blogs I need to be at so far. Tonight my youngest brother (I must stop saying little) is over in Preston with his friends for a birthday party. I had always planned to meet them but I have been so busy lately that I completely forgot. So the question was to go out or not to go out? I have work in the morning and besides the designer I am the only one on my department. The correct thing to do is be responsible right? Well that got me thinking, you only live once. I rarely see my youngest brother and nights out with him are even rarer, I think the last one was over two year ago. 

Anyway I didn't have to convince myself too much that staying in is overrated. I am sat with him and his friends in a hotel room pre drinking, playing ring of fire. Tomorrow at work should be fun...  


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