Friday, 8 November 2013

Last night

I awake again with a banging headache and feeling sick,
 Oh why oh why did I down that glass of wine?
And did we really both walk in at the same time? 
Drink after drink there is no slowing down,
Soon my head will be spinning around and around. 

Where did that pretty girl go? 
Who cares she had a boyfriend anyway,
Either that or thought I was gay, 
What is that? Vodka you say, 
Just send one my way.

Oh no, now I am on social media, 
I think I am starting a debate,
Oh, but wait..
It is more of a drunken attack, 
Sober me will pay for that. 

Oh I love this song, lets dance! 
Another pint, oh and a vodka to,
Hold that thought, I just might spew,
Sit back down and look around,
No money in my pocket, not even a pound. 

Cash point first, takeaway second, 
I guess now its time to go home,
But I don't wander the streets alone, 
We get a taxi instead,
and then finally I'm back in my bed. 

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