Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday at work

I haven't thought about what I wanted to write about for todays blog at all if I am honest, the time is 22:30 and I am only just getting round to writing something. I am on day 25 now and the end is in sight, but have I overdone it on the amount of things I have wrote about this month. With how much of a struggle it is to write something lately, I would say so. I had a lie in this morning, well I say lie in but I mean I didn't have to start work till 11 today. But from the moment I walked in, I was bombarded with tasks and problems to sort out. Just another day on my new department then. It not not faze me too much and I think the key is to dealing with most of lifes problems at work and at home is just to relax and not get too stressed out.

The last customer walked out the door at 8:15, we had shut at 8 but I had to help him try to sort out his order. There were many ups and downs throughout the day and by this point I might have been letting the stress get to me a little bit. I stayed on till 9 to get some bits done that need preparing for stock take next week. In hardly any other year I have not really cared about the stores performance on stocktake night. But this time I actually care and this time I want my store to do well and be one of the best in the region. We blew out by a lot of money last year so hopefully this year we will do better! 

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