Monday, 11 November 2013

Finding my happy place..

Eminem's new album is on in the background. There are clothes and bits of  rubbish all over my room and me, well I am sat here at my desk writing this blog. Today, yesterday, pretty much any day around this date are always particularly sombre days for me as my previous blog My Remembrance Sunday  and to some extent War, What is it good for?  explain. Anyway today, after wallowing in self pity for a while and trying to distract myself by watching funny things on youtube etc. I decided I need to tidy my room. While in the process I found a book that was a gift from last Christmas. I had already read the book, hence why it was just left lying around my room. I dropped the book and as I picked it up and opened the front cover I discovered it was signed by the author! Somebody had took the time to not only buy me a book by an author I like but got to the trouble to get it signed too. It instantly put me in a better mood, I was so happy! It is from a series of books by Joseph Delaney, called the Wardstone chronicles that follow the adventures of a boy called Tom Ward as he fights evil forces across The County (Lancashire) and beyond. Its much cooler than I am managing to make it sound so checking out his website is probably a better idea Spooks Books

After the 
initial happy reaction, my memory takes me back to a time when I first started reading these books. I was going through a pretty bad time in my life and to be swept up in his world of fantasy and adventure with familiar places from the area I grew up was refreshing. I have read all of his books since and plan to go and watch his first film as soon as it gets released. It just made me reflect and think how very different my life is compared to what it was then. I never thought I would have a degree, at times I didn't think I would be here at all. But everyone has their bad and good days and sometimes when you are feeling down or having a bad day it just helps to escape into another world. Well for the time being at least!

"Someone has to stand against the dark and you are the only one who can"   

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